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Gift card

This is a printable gift card for KOOR wood products!
If you think someone you love might like our products but you just don’t want to make a decision for them or don’t know what device or style they have, then this is for you.
Buy this gift card, print it out (Scale 100%), follow the folding instructions and give it as an elegant present to the person in your life. This way you can use this gift-card anywhere in the world at any time.
Card will be sent to the e-mail provided at the checkout.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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How does it work?
Every card has a unique code on it that will activate at the time of purchasing the card and will expire 6 months later.
When buying just pick out your favourite item, then enter the code on the card at the check-out and it will subtract the amount on the card from the final amount. You can pay up to 100% with it.
*Card will not be exchanged for money and the leftover sum will not be returned