Luggage tag


Luggage tag is an accessory that should be on every design aware persons luggage.

Who hasn’t stood at an airport and tried to find the right black suitcase at luggage carrousel? If you have to have something outstanding on your luggage, why not do it stylishly.


Delivery time 5-7 days.

Shipped the same day.

Certified timber

Enviromentally responsible products


While designing KOOR luggage tag, we thought of a person who cherishes simple yet elegant solutions. Luggage tag uses high quality materials like precious wood, vegetable tanned leather and super thin birch plywood.

Stone paper, that comes with the tag, is waterproof. It let’s you run in the rain without needing to worry about lost information. Stone paper is also ecologically friendlier than regular paper. The production of stone paper uses no bleach or acid.

How to use:

  1. Write your data on paper that comes with the tag. Paper is two-sided, so you can also write down your loved ones info.
  2. You can write with whichever pen you have at hand but for best results we recommend waterproof markers.
  3. You can wash the paper from excess dirt.
  4. Pull wooden slates open enough so you can push the paper towards rivets and then attach the leather strap to the label.

It is possible to order the luggage tag with these natural wood options:

  • Padauk Crimson
  • Oak
  • Walnut

Additional information

Type of wood

Oak, Padauk Crimson, Walnut