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Natural black – Bog oak WOOD phone skin


KOOR skin is for people who value design and minimal yet stylish solutions.
Our real wood phone skins are made to give Your phone a unique look and protect it from scratches. It may even save You from an expensive back glass replacement.
Choose the wood that talks to You and make your phone Yours again!

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With KOOR skin, we wanted to give our smartphones the extra layer of protection while staying modern. All our skins are crafted from finest wood, carefully hand-finished and coated with natural beeswax. Beeswax gives the wood protection from moisture and dirt to ensure its long life.
Just like You can’t find two identical trees, there are no two KOOR skins that are the same.
Each skin is unique in texture!
KOOR skin attaches directly to the back of Your device. It is easily removable and leaves no permanent residue. Although it is possible to reuse the skin after careful removal, it is generally designed to only be used once.
NB! From December 2017 we started using new adhesive solution and skin is now even easier to remove.

How to use:

  1. Peel back the protective layer
  2. Align the cutouts on the skin to Your device
  3. Press down firmly
  4. Enjoy Your new back cover
  5. To remove, simply pull the skin…
  6. …and put on a new one

You can choose Your KOOR skin in these woods:
Padauk Crimson
Bog Oak

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