Height-adjustable separation shields

Against coronavirus and other droplet infections

Tabletop separator shield Info

Protective shields and screens are personal protective equipment that reduces the risk of droplet infections in places where contact with other people is unavoidable.

The protective screen helps prevent the air particles containing the virus from entering the airway mucosa as a physical barrier to the virus in the air3. Similar products are rapidly being introduced by all major European stores such as Lidl, Aldi, Lecler2and numerous other companies4who wish to further protect the health of their workers.

The screens are available in different widths and height adjustable (750mm-1000mm), weighing 2-3kg. The screen can be disinfected with ethanol-based cleaners! Safety screens are only available in limited quantities in Estonia due to a significant slowdown in the plastics supply chain.

Product Parameters

Adjustable screen height750mm-1100mm
Bottom of the screen15mm-350mm versions also available with a narrow cut-out window
Screen widthS: 530mm M: 750mm L: 1000mm
Screen weight2-3kg
MaterialWood and plexiglass
Cleaning70% ethanol for 30-60 seconds, then wash with soapy water
Inventorygoods in stock, shipping no later than next workingday
Delivery speed2-3 days in Harju County,
3-4 days elsewhere in Estonia

Orders and information:

+372 6040303
+372 55949299
+372 56141984


S: W 530mm Heigth regulated separation screen

5tk komplekt225€+km
20tk komplekt850€+km

M: W 750mm Heigth regulated separation screen

5tk komplekt260€+km
20tk komplekt890€+km

L: W 1000mm Heigth regulated separation screen

5tk komplekt300€+km
20tk komplekt1060€+km

Custom size screens

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