Welcome to KOOR workshop!

We specialize on manufacturing fine wood products.

At KOOR workshop we manufacture various original products and offer various services in the field of CNC manufacturing – design; prototyping; testing; manufacturing. We cooperate with many industry professionals and sell our original production under the KOOR wood brand. Our workshop is located in Tallinn, Estonia. KOOR wood is founded by people passionate about nature, handcraft and technology.

Original gifts and souvenirs

If your companys promotional items and gifts should be different from the cheap mugs and plastic pens, then let us design You an uniqu gift! Contact us and tell us Your ideas and wishes, we can suggest many ideas and create completely unique gift items! Our design logic is to be minimalistic, nature friendly and modern. Stylish packaging and presentation is our speciality! We will make sure Your will have unique and stylish gifts!

Prototyping and manufacturing

We make prototypes both as 3D renders and fully physical. We use CNC router and laser cutters for most jobs, but can aslo 3D print your prototype.

We have also experience with large scale manufacturing, so production of large quantities is not an issue! We can produce prototypes quickly with fast results. Our engineers need only the basic input and can generate all of the necessary technical drawings. Prices depend on the amount of work. Contact us with the details of Your project for a price offering!

Engraving and laser cutting

Laser cutting is a technology that uses a powerful laser beam to cut and engrave various materials. We specialize on cutting and engraving mainly wood, hide and various plastics, but also stone, metal and many other materials. We can engrave and cut with a precision of up to 0,05mm. Laser engraving can produce both simple and suffisticated images. We use laser cutting to make boxes, furniture, art, signs, industrial prototypes and varyous other items.

Our machines can cut material up to 1320mm x 3000mm

We cut materials up to 12mm in thickness.

CNC milling and 3D prototyping

At the K+ workshop we have resources to execute bold solutions.

We use 3 and 4 axys CNC machines to achive the most complicated results. CNC milling allows us to manufacture both large scale objects, like interior decoration elements and furniture but also small and precise projects. 

To prepare the CAM files we use both traditional methods but have alse experience with 3D scanning for rapid prototyping.

Sanding, finishing and printing on wood

K+ Workshop is happy to offer it’s services in finishing and sanding of your projects. We have many different finish options available – stains, colors, varnishes, danish oils etc.

We offer sanding grit options up to 0000 polishing for hardwoods. Our paint chambers can fit details up to 3000x2000mm in size but we are very happy to work on small and delicate objects. Prices depend on the finish type and the size of the object