Q: Do you do custom orders?
A: Sure thing! Just e-mail us Your request: info@koorwood.eu

Q: What is the KOOR skin?
A: It is a slim and unobtrusive protective layer of natural wood for the back of Your device. It will save it from scratches, minor damage and protect the lens when You lay the phone down. It does not cover the sides. Our real wood skins have a special water based adhesive on the back that has a waxy layer you peel off before applying to the back of your phone. The skins are removable from your device and if removed with care, they are reusable.

Q: Is it really NATURAL wood, not some PU plastic? 
A: Yes! We prefer to use natural materials like wood and vegetable tanned leather. Sometimes a minor plastic component is required for our projects, but generally it is all natural wood!

Q: Will my phone fit inside a dock/case after installing the KOOR skin?
A: Our real wood skins add barely any thickness to Your device. It will till fit most of the docks and many cases. Especially if the case is elastic. You can always try it out with a credit card – if Your phone fits inside a case with the card, it will fit with our skin!

Q: I have allergies. Do you use any harmful chemicals?
A: Not to worry! We only use natural chemistry like bees wax and organic oils to treat our products.

Q: Bees wax – for real?
A: Yes, the wax left over from the honey combs is a great natural way to seal in the wood from dirt and moisture!

Q: Do you go around chopping down rare trees for Your projects?
A: Actually most of our wood comes from the bins of the furniture manufacturers. We try to minimize our harm to the environment as much as possible!

Q: Will the KOOR skin fit with the iPhone bumpers? 
A: Yes, it fits great with all iPhone bumpers!

Q: Will my product look exactly as pictured in the web store?
A: We try to picture the products as accurately as possible, but some variations are to be expected. Since we use natural materials, then every product has minor differences in texture and color.

Q: How fast will my order be delivered?
A: We try to ship orders as soon as possible! It can take up to 3 work days to post Your order, if it is out of stock. Custom orders usually take about the same time. From then on it is all in the hands of Your friendly neighborhood postman. Generally expect delivery within 3-8 days in Europe and 6 to 14 elsewhere.

Q: Do You make all these things Yourself?
A: Sure thing! Everything is manufactured and designed in our workshop – Estonia, EU.

Q: Estonia… Never heard of it.

A: Yes we get it a lot. It’s a small country in Europe, You should Google it!

Q: Can I submerge my wood case/skin? Does it resist water well
A: You should generally keep Your smartphone out of the water. Same applies to our products. If they get wet, You should wipe them down and dry them. We treat wood with water resistant bee wax, but extensive moisture can cause deformation in wood!